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I Miss The Lilacs
I'm a transplant.  I've been a southern girl for nearly twenty years. The only thing I miss about the Midwest, besides the fam, is the lilacs. There's no sweeter scent on earth. Nothing compares. Not roses, heather or honeysuckle. It adds a bit of heaven to its earthly surroundings. Unfortunately, the South's weather just isn't a lilac's forte, though with global warming/cooling that could change.  Anyhoo, I wanted a sweet  fragrant bush in my garden and since I can't have lilacs I researched and settled on gardenias. Climbing roses were also listed as having a sweet smell, but I'm all about easy and even my Knockouts require constant vigilance against pesky little, leaf-eating insects. (Anybody out there know of a sweet smelling, hardy climber that doesn't require a lot of care?)
I got my gardenia (and a dianthus that was on sale:) this weekend. We'll see if their fragrance compensates for not having lilacs.
Anyone out there grow gardenias? Are they hardy? Do you enjoy them?

Monday, April 16, 2018

A Bit of Whimsy

The Easter Bunny was kind enough to leave me flowers this year, along with the little vase and whimsical lady. He's got my number:) Though, considering the years he's been hopping down the bunny trail, he should have it down pat.  Ha.
When the daisies had pretty much completed their cycle of life I took them outside with the idea of dumping them then stuck them in the garden instead.
The trees are blossoming. I love spring.

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